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Friday, June 10, 2011


MF Husain lived for his art and created images that have defined modern India. The Passion and Play of one man.


September 17 , 1915:- Born in Pandharpur, Maharashtra. He Lost his mother Zunaib when he was a child . His father remarried and moved to Indore from where he did his schooling.  His association with painting began  at an early age. He learnt calligraphy and practiced the Kulfic  Khat art form.

1935:-  Husain moved to Mumbai and joined JJ School of Art.

1937:- Started his career painting cinema hoardings for a livelihood. He also worked at a toy factory.

1941 :- Got married to Fazila and subsequently had two daughters , Raisa and Aqueela, and three sons, Mustafa, Shamshad and  Owais.

1947 :- His painting Sunehra Sansaar won an award and marked his entry as a known artist at the Bombay Art.

1952:-  Fist Solo Exhibition was held at Zurich. In the same year he conducted his first solo exhibition in Mumbai.

1955 :- Won the National award at the Lalit Kala Akademi’s first National Exhibition.

1953, 1955 :- Exhibitions held at the Venice biennales.

1955 :- Awarded the Padma Shree.

1959 :- Won the International Biennale Award at the Tokyo Biennale and exhibition paintings at the Sao Paulo biennales.

1966 :- Awarded the Padma Shree.

1967 :- Made his first film, Through the Eyes of a Painter, which won a Golded bear at the Berlin Film festval.

1971:- Was a special invitee along with Pablo Picasso at the Sao Paulo Biennial.

1973:- Awarded the Padma Shree.

1986:- Nominated to the Rajya Sabha.

1991:- Awarded the Padma Vibhushan.

1996 :- Became controversial when his works of the 1970s depicting Hindu deities such as Durga and Saraswati were printed in a magazine. The Complaints filed against him were, however, dismissed by the Delhi High Court.

1998 :- His house was attacked by right – wing Hindu groups such as Bajrang Dal and art works were vandalized.

2000:- Wrote and directed the movie Gaja Gamini, with his ‘muse’ Madhuri Dixit who was the subject of a series of his paintings that he signed ‘Fida’.

2004:- Wrote and directed Meenaxi: The Tale of Three Cities.

2006 :- Left India and spent time in dubai and London in a state of self- imposed exile.

2007 :- He was to be given the Raja Ravi Varma award by the Kerala Government, which was stayed by the high court following protest campaigns.

2008 :- His large painting from the Hindu epic, Battle of Ganga and Jamuna : Mahabharata 12, sold by auction house Christie’s for a record $1.6 million (rs 7.1 crore) became a world record.

2010:- Accepted Qatari citizenship.

June 2011 :- Three of Husain’s paintings topped a Bonham’s auction in Britain, with one of them being sold for Rs 2.32 crore.

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